The Unconcerned One

Ah! The style you can pull off in daily life the casual one. This look is as simple as sleeping, I mean what can be easier than sleeping? come on. No seriously this look includes a joggers which are equally comfy as your PJs not the poor jokes, PJ I mean the pyjamas one. You can even go and sleep in your joggers, if you are lazy like me and don’t feel like changing. Then a full hand t-shirt even half will be fine or a sweat shirt according to weather don’t get sick it sucks. I am wearing a knitted shirt even that’s also fine. And the last thing is the shoes you can wear a sneakers or a converse whatever is available to you I am wearing a converse in this. Now with that the look is absolute.

 Keep it simple 😀
Picture credits~ Shagun Mittal

The Ch∆p

  • Joggers- ZARA
  • Shoes- Converse North Star
  • Knitted shirt- ZARA



The Black Cult

The color black one of my favorite suits on everybody and with everything. Color black is often referred to as the sign of luxury. Most of us have black leather jacket if you do have then, you can put a black on black look. The look is comprised of  black leather jacket, baby pink shirt and black denims. It’s not necessary to wear baby pink shirt, you can also wear a light colored t-shirt or light colored shirt. But don’t wear black shirt or t-shirt it will be too much of black which we don’t want. Now, the shoes- tan brown shoes or white sneakers will also rock.

Keep slaying.. 🙂

Picture credits~ Sakshi Bansal






The ChΔp

  • Leather jacket- IZod
  • Shirt- Max
  • Denims- Zara
  • Glares- Local

Winter Magic

Winter is the season where you can mix and match or try different combinations.

This combination gives you kinda manly look and also may protect winter breeze. Includes standing collar black  coat, light blue round neck shirt, blue denim chinos and black vans with little bit of print. A brown sling bag with leather finishing to give you artistic look. Lastly a watch you know to keep track time and it also add on to the look. With this the look is complete and you can also add on shades if you want any kind of shades. The look you will eventually get is mix up of artistic and street style.

 Keep rocking more posts soon 🙂

Picture Credits~ Shagun Mittal






The ChΔp

  • Shirt- Zara
  • Long coat- Imported from China
  • Denims- Zara
  • Watch- Rado
  • Sling bag- Teak-wood Leathers
  • Shoes- Vans