The Unconcerned One

Ah! The style you can pull off in daily life the casual one. This look is as simple as sleeping, I mean what can be easier than sleeping? come on. No seriously this look includes a joggers which are equally comfy as your PJs not the poor jokes, PJ I mean the pyjamas one. You can even go and sleep in your joggers, if you are lazy like me and don’t feel like changing. Then a full hand t-shirt even half will be fine or a sweat shirt according to weather don’t get sick it sucks. I am wearing a knitted shirt even that’s also fine. And the last thing is the shoes you can wear a sneakers or a converse whatever is available to you I am wearing a converse in this. Now with that the look is absolute.

 Keep it simple 😀
Picture credits~ Shagun Mittal

The Ch∆p

  • Joggers- ZARA
  • Shoes- Converse North Star
  • Knitted shirt- ZARA



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